What's your plan when the worst happens?

The GotoRisk system is a modular application that can be tailored and delivered to any industry and scale of operation covering key areas of risk such as; Learning, Incident, Asset, Compliance and Performance Management.

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Answers to popular questions

How long does it take for my account to be setup after signing up?

The majority of clean installations of GotoRisk can be delivered within 24 – 48 hrs for a cloud based delivery.  Where local hosting is required, a defined timetable will be agreed.

Can I have my own logos?

We are able to white label the application so that your branding can be used across GotoRisk.

Which browsers will work with the system?

The system requires a browser that supports 128 bit SSL for secure communication. It has been tested with Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox version 25+, Chrome version 34+, and Safari version 5+ (all in the Microsoft Windows environment). Although other browsers/platforms may also work they have not been tested, and as such are not supported.

What if I already have a risk management application?

GotoRisk is able to integrate with any database or application.  Data can also be migrated from existing applications into GotoRisk to avoid duplication in licensing costs and improved efficiencies of using the integrated modules.

How do I access GotoRisk

GotoRisk is cloudbased and can be accessed on any device anywhere, enabling the management of risk from everywhere.  If localised hosting is required, we are able to support this as well.

GotoRisk is able to support the management of these!

Accidents reported 2017/18

  • 144 Fatal Injuries to workers
  • 555,000 Non Fatal Injuries to workers
  • Slip, trip, fall on same level – 31%
  • Falls from Height – 26%
  • Struck by moving vehicle – 18%
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Crime reported 2017/18

  • 1,135,000 Criminal Damage and Arson
  • 3,648,000 Fraud
  • 82,566 Robbery
  • 4,639,343 Burglary
  • 1,402,354 Violence
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New laws 2017/18

There are 90 regulators operating in the UK and laws are continually being reviewed or introduced. Learn More

  • 154 bills have been raised in 2017/18 to Parliament
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Graduates and unemployed 2017/18

  • 2.34 million students studying at UK higher education institutions – Learn More
  • 1.3 million people classed as unemployed – Learn More

Asset damage by floods 2017/18

  • Flooding, and managing it, cost the UK around £2.2 billion each year
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Salary Increases across the UK

  • Median full-time weekly earnings increased 3.5% compared with 2017, to £569
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